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Meet Ashley


HI! I am Ashley Benningfield, your new bestie + photog.

A few things I can't get enough of:

my husband 

our fur babies



laughing so hard my stomach hurts.

I specialize in EmpowHERment + Body Image portraits - what does that mean?

It means I am well versed in helping women feel comfortable in front of the camera - whether it’s for their family/ couple portraits, updating their online business presence, or allowing them to freely express self love + find confidence with a Boudoir experience. 


I love everything about women and who we are. How we are strong as hell, grow and raise humans, run our houses + businesses like bosses, and make every BIG moment extremely special for everyone we love. Yet we are constantly struggling to realize how bad ass we are— that’s where I come in! I help you step into your power for your portrait experience and beyond. 


I’d love to work with you - fill out a contact form below and let's ROCK your next portrait session together!


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"Your weight will fluctuate, your worth will not."


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